Lord of the Rings Online: Environment Compilations

For the Lord of the Rings Online Riders of Rohan expansion, I was put in charge of creating the environment  textures and a vast majority of it's environment assets. I was tasked with making sure things all hit a very high quality bar, as well as making sure that the environment assets met and kept that bar consistent as development progressed. I was also responsible for meeting with the art director, and world teams to discuss the flavor each region needed, and make sure they had the high quality assets they required to bring Rohan to life! I also worked with the graphics engineers to help them work towards, and implement new technologies in Turbine's proprietary engine to improve the visual fidelity of the game.

All terrain textures, frills, bushes etc, seen below are my work. Any structures, or skies you see are not my work. Many of the trees below were polished by me, but are not wholly my work.